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Manage your data and unleash its potential

Many organizations have massive amounts of data spread across various systems and channels leading to the creation of data silos – a collection of data sets or sources which are only accessible by one group or department or are contained within a single application. Having different silos is a huge source of inefficiency; not to mention the redundancy and cost issues it causes. On top of that, integrating those silos is extremely difficult, which has forced IT departments to look for innovative approaches to solving these challenges. This is where modern data platforms such as Anchormen’s Data Hub come in.

A solution such as that can bestow huge potential for businesses by storing, processing, and extracting valuable insight from their data. Moreover, that data can also be used to power advanced analytics and AI solutions. But what is a Data Hub, exactly? It can best be defined as a collection of features from a data warehouse, a data lake, and an Enterprise Service Bus. It combines data integration, data processing, data storage, and data analytics capabilities in a way that enable merging and using data from all sources and creating insight that has actual business value.

In this whitepaper, we will explain how does Anchormen’s Data Hub work, what are its main features and add-ons, what are some of the main challenges that organizations face when trying to become data-driven, and some of the future developments we see in the field related to security, governance, data streaming, and IoT.

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