MAG45, part of the Solar Group, is an integrated supply service provider for industrial applications in the machine equipment OEM’s, pharmaceutical, and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets. They facilitate a large part of the purchase process of their clients, procuring more than 1,5 million items from several thousand suppliers.  

In 2014, Anchormen started work on a strategic MRO Optimization project for MAG45 aiming to facilitate real-time search over their more than 3,000 different data formats. More recently, in 2019, the platform was migrated to AWS Cloud to increase capacity and modernize the infrastructure.


Working with several thousand suppliers means that MAG45 sits on large amounts of supplier assortment data. Unfortunately, all of it was unorganized in the database as it doesn’t use one uniform structure; every supplier uses its own format. This meant searching through the data in order to match was a very grueling task. Moreover, the sales cycle was very long because the speed by which new projects were picked up depended on how fast existing ones could be finished.


Anchormen built a “Search, Match, and Find” solution (project name ‘HUGO’) for storing the article files of all suppliers of MAG45. This ensures that all of the semi-structured data is properly indexed and can be retrieved in a precise and automated manner. Furthermore, MAG45 created a smart search engine on top of the platform so everything can be easily found. On the architecture side, the applications are running on Amazon Web Services (AWS), including EMR, using a containerized solution which ensures performance, scalability and ease of maintenance. The migration to AWS decreased the cost of heavy workloads like the ingestion and indexation of new data.

The biggest business value of the solution for MAG45 is the fact that the onboarding time of new customers is greatly reduced from 1 year to only 3 months; this allows MAG45 to focus more on growth and bringing value to their customers.

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