The client is a global leader in online gaming on both desktop and mobile. Boasting an impressive 250 million installs in the last two years, they are a fast-growing producer and publisher of original titles and iconic IP’s with a truly impressive reach.

During the Big Data Expo in 2015, they approached us with a unique challenge. As part of their ambition to dominate the online games market, they needed to transition from a traditional data platform to something more advanced and powerful that can match their drive.


Due to their extensive scope, the client had already captured massive amounts of information. A treasure trove of insights waiting to be put into use. Working together with Anchormen, the goal was to utilize the millions of clickstream data from anonymous website visitors playing their games.

For Anchormen, this was both a test of our skills and a push to the limits of technology. How do you offer the best suggestion to someone visiting anonymously for the first time? In order to deliver the finest customer experience possible, we had to develop an original use case for our client.


A real-time recommendation engine with the capabilities of analyzing huge chunks of data and suggesting optimal content for every user was developed. Although this project used data on a very large scale, all the iterations were made in short sprints working closely with the client. Partly because the technology in use was very new at that time, and partly because we wanted to follow our Grow Live approach so that we can assure the project was a success.

Read our (free) whitepaper on Recommendation engines; the technology and methodology used to complete the project.