Anchormen was approached by a Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) co-operative; a big organization with a focus on innovation and sustainability. Over the years, the co-operative has seen rapid growth and it currently operates branches in 33 countries with a strong emphasis on its global presence and quality products.  In the summer of 2016, we got together to develop a marketing platform able to process large blocks of data and turn it into actionable insight that will lead to improved customer value. 


Virtually every international company faces the marketing challenge of adaptation versus standardization of products. Global customers exhibit social and cultural differences; moreover, they have diverse habits, buying patterns, needs, and languages. Compared to local markets, it is more difficult to understand the behavior of customers from other countries. This was the ambitious task that we attempted to solve for our client.


We set out to improve our client’s marketing effectiveness by creating customer insights based on the collected data. Our goal was to provide them with an advanced profiling and segmentation platform that can analyze all the data and offer the best product to the right customer.  Moreover, through collecting and processing data from social media channels and feeding it into their Marketing Platform, the client is able to monitor the efficiency of advertising campaigns.  The outcome of those two functions was that we could feed their Digital Marketing Platform with relevant information and create further customer insights for their marketing team and leads for their sales pipelines.