Enabling Advanced AI and ML Solutions with AWS Sagemaker at New10

About New10

New10 is an initiative of ABN AMRO that combines the flexibility of a startup with the reliability and experience of a bank. Their goal is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses accelerate their growth by offering them financing and financial resources. Starting from a small team in 2016, they are now helping thousands of entrepreneurs and their companies. New10 can arrange everything online with financing ranging from €5,000 to €1 million and attractive annual interest rates.

The Challenge

New10’s goal was to grow and improve their Machine Learning capabilities while keeping the highest security and reliability practices. Up until that point, they were using Amazon Redshift to store their data and several other tools for processing and analysis, but were lacking one unified standard for their entire Machine Learning process. Therefore, the goal was to help them take the next steps in becoming more data-driven by further leveraging the Cloud technologies of AWS and more specifically AWS Sagemaker.

The Approach

We started with a Proof of Concept, showing the capabilities of AWS Sagemaker and what it could mean for the client. On the engineering side, we built the necessary infrastructure in line with New10’s requirements, as well as the necessary security regulations. In parallel, on the data science side, we set up Sagemaker studio and built a process that would serve as a guidebook when training new Machine Learning models.

Next to that, via our Company Trainings, we set up an AWS Sagemaker course for their data team to teach them how to use the tool to its full potential. Each training includes theory, demos, walkthroughs, and dedicated time to let the participants experiment and get acquainted with the environment.

The Results

With Anchormen’s support, New10 is now able to build and train Advanced A.I. and ML models in one central location. AWS Sagemaker is an end-to-end machine learning solution that allows their data team to store, process, and prepare data for analysis without necessarily needing programming skills to do so. This allows the client to quickly and efficiently test different business cases and put them into production. On the data science side, it allows their team to work faster and more efficiently on data transformations & visualizations, as well as spend less time on data quality and cleansing. In the end, we enabled New10 to Develop and train Machine Learning models on infinitely-scalable, fully-managed, and cloud-native infrastructure.