In 2016, Anchormen was approached by one of the major telecommunication companies in the Netherlands, providing Internet, television, and telephone services to both residential and commercial customers.

Working together, Anchormen designed and set-up an analytics platform that is able to process higher capacity of data both effectively and efficiently. This solution allowed the client to minimize risk by predicting components failure as well as provide a very robust and intuitive recommendation engine.


Because of the magnitudes of information obtained by our client, a powerful and dynamic solution that taps into the big data environment was required. After the initial discussions, it became evident that the best approach would be to construct a big data platform that can execute complex algorithms in real-time as well as handle large quantities of structured and unstructured data. And most importantly – make sense of it.


Based on the above-mentioned challenges and taking into consideration data security, privacy and funding requirements, Anchormen worked jointly on preparing a number of scenarios with the purpose of finding an optimal solution that could meet all of the customer’s needs.

Right from the start several use cases were defined. The primary goals of the analytics platform were to be: predicting and reducing churn, recommendation algorithm for increased customer satisfaction, and predicting failure of components within the client’s infrastructure.

In the end, Anchormen delivered a reliable platform that enables users to develop new algorithms which can be executed for production. For example, the ability to accurately predict modem failure and a robust recommendation engine which aimed to bring superior end-user experience.