big data solution


RTL Group is one of the biggest entertainment/broadcasting companies worldwide. In 2015, Anchormen started an ambitious project with their Dutch subsidiary – RTL Nederland.   RTL Nederland is an undisputed leader in the Dutch TV, news, and digital entertainment markets. As per their request, we aimed at providing a platform that can deliver exceptional consumer intelligence insight for their online channels – RTLXL, Buienradar, and Videoland.


The challenge of RTL Nederland was to processes huge amounts of data. Their current (at that time) platform had reached its limits, so something more agile that can also scale up was required. Second, as they are commercially and customer-value oriented, the new platform had to be able to process large amounts of unstructured data in real-time in order to offer the best recommendations to their clients.


Our goal was to deliver a robust platform that could meet all of RTL’s requirements. Using our Grow Live approach, we started from a design point of view while also developing use cases that can show the benefits for their business.   The first phase of the project was to load the data from all of the channels into the new platform to demonstrate how it will perform. The platform is now able to process video, social media, clickstream, and other data from close to 50 different streams in real-time. This enables RTL Nederland to realize use cases that weren't previously possible.

Read our (free) whitepaper on Recommendation engines; the technology and methodology used to complete the project.