In 2015 Anchormen was approached by a large utility company that provides energy in the form of electricity, gas, and heat to more than two million consumers, organizations, and companies in the Netherlands.

We were eager to provide a working solution to our client as the project involved working with IoT technology and applying the insights in a way that can increase customer value in a meaningful way. As the company was just starting to see the advantages of big data solutions, we had the opportunity to show them real-life use cases and the benefits they can bring at a larger scale.


The client requested our help with analyzing smart meters’ data in order to better understand customer behavior. Smart meters are small electronic devices that record the consumption of energy in a household or an organization. As this entails work with extremely complex structured data, the project required the company to have very good understanding of big data and data science.


The solution we provided was approached in two directions. First and foremost, we built an agile analytics platform that can store and process all of the data received from the smart meters. Moreover, by evaluating customer click-logs and call-logs we gave our client the ability to proactively meet their customers’ needs.

The second major aspect was helping the client become more data-driven. As part of our expertise is to teach our customers how to use data, we not only built the engine but also shaped their analytical capabilities by working closely together and spending a lot of time on coaching and training.