advanced segmentation & dashboard for belvilla


In 2016, Amsterdam and Belvilla started working on a data science project aimed at bringing valuable customer insight to the client. Belvilla is one of the largest European players in the market for holiday homes. With more than 30 years of experience, they provide excellent holiday residence to more than half a million people in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Great Britain.


Belvilla’s goals are focused on understanding their customers in order to be able to provide the best user experience possible as well as improve their conversion rates. As part of our Consumer 360° solution, we bring together data from various sources in order to build a customer image and create valuable insight.

The challenge for this case was to analyze the website behavior of visitors and in combination with an investigation of the market, to segment the accommodations in such a way that they are matched with the right potential customers.


With that in mind, Anchormen put together a project team to support Belvilla in activating their data.  The two major successes were (1) an advanced segmentation of their numerous accommodations and (2) a powerful dashboard which provides agents with an overview of trends in demand.

In the end, we improved the search capabilities of their website, provided them with better market understanding and put more focus on decision-making based on trends and customer behavior.