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Rapidly emerging digital challenges pressure companies to keep up or lag behind. Developments in Big Data, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence require a different way of working and thinking but also a new breed of employees. How do you start with data, but more importantly, how do you continue growing and building knowledge? This is where Anchormen comes in.

With our High Potential Program, we offer a high quality and valuable solution for companies that are looking for (big) data engineers, data scientists and A.I. experts. We select the best candidates, exclusively for your organization and train them to become specialists who are deeply integrated with your company’s data since day one of the 1-year program.


Big Data Engineering

In the Big Data Engineering Program, trainees learn how to set up a big data infrastructure, to integrate sources and develop data-driven applications. A big data infrastructure enables organizations to process data in real-time, conduct analyses and make predictions in various areas such as maintenance, recommendations, and optimizations. Download the Big Data Engineering brochure of the High Potential Program:

Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

In the Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Program, trainees learn how to implement algorithms in real-time production environments. To get the analysis to production the trainee will learn to work with a Python development pipeline and then to optimize it. Download the Data Science & A.I. brochure of the High Potential Program: