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Enterprise Data Hub

In a complex environment like a large international enterprise, data is usually hidden in systems and silos, behind barriers of security, accurate but slow, reachable but rigid. Traditional BI, but also traditional software/database architecture is all about functions. However, in this day and age, it should be about data. More and more organizations are feeling the need to become more data-centric, more data-agile, and more innovative. What most companies fail to achieve is find the right way to adopt this approach.

Moreover, the rules of the game are changing. Businesses need different types and larger amounts of real-time data. Those who manage data are faced daily with challenges and are struggling to cope with this rapidly-changing environment. Traditional data warehouses are running into the limits of their capabilities. Business users complain about not getting the insights they need, the cost of running the data warehouses are exponentially increasing, and SLA’s are not being met.

We at Anchormen specialize in helping companies to activate their data. Our extensive experience has taught us the best way to determine the right strategy, planning, and implementation so that we can help every organization that approaches us.

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