Data Hub

Accelerate data strategies, get meaningful insights

Companies that are looking to become data-driven, can activate their data and information and start generating results and insights in weeks rather than months with the Anchormen Data Hub solution.

Oftentimes, the first step in activating data is to start with an intelligent data platform that collects and contains the relevant information. The Data Hub solution of Anchormen is a powerful, agile and cost-effective platform used to store, process, analyze, govern, and present data.

The Anchormen Data Hub solution accelerates every data strategy and gives business insights and meaningful results in the shortest period of time. Leveraging our data expertise and a solid cloud foundation, Anchormen Data Hub combines structured, unstructured and realtime data and information from traditional data warehouses, business intelligence and various other data sources, like e-commerce and ERP-systems.

Solid architecture, unique capabilities

The architecture of the Data Hub is based on best practices to ensure a cost-effective, secure, scalable and manageable infrastructure. Every Data Hub we build for our clients, is customized to their needs and requirements, it is their unique data platform to access and activate business data and information.

After the short implementation time, the Data Hub is immediately ready to define the first use cases and deliver results and insights for the business.


Activate your company's data and gain meaningful results in the shortest possible time.


Solid technology based on best IT and data architecture practices to build customized solution.

Business driven

Agile solution that adds instant value for businesses that aim to transform, innovate, and grow.


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