A.I. Chatbot

The Future of Customer Interaction

The developments in the field of A.I. Chatbots take place rapidly and they are increasingly used for a variety of tasks. They can make the customer service department much more efficient because they can help an unlimited number of customers simultaneously 24/7, reducing the burden on human staff. They also provide added value by replacing the impersonal interfaces of forms with a realistic conversation. A.I. Chatbots are the next logical step in an era in which customers expect the right information quickly.

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Anytime, Anywhere

The A.I. chatbot is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available. It can be used on several devices like a computer, smartphone or tablet, and on different social media and messenger channels like Twitter, Skype and Facebook.

Human Language

The A.I. chatbot can interpret and simulate human language. A.I. chatbots can have conversations, but they can also execute searches, handle an order, make a reservation or give advice.

Virtual Assistant

Because A.I. chatbots can have conversations just like humans, there can be a personal service between the customer and the company. This allows for greater engagement and improved customer satisfaction.

Knowledge Base

By connecting the A.I. chatbot to different business management systems, it can optimize its conversations by consulting ERP or CRM systems while advising a customer.

Hybrid Chat

Combine the knowledge of the A.I. chatbot with the knowledge of a real human being. Chats can be easily transferred from the bot to an employee in case the chatbot can't help the customer.


Everytime the A.I. chatbot interacts with a customer, it learns from the conversation. This knowledge is directly put into practice at the next customer to optimize the processes that are being handled by the chatbot.