Innovative market solutions

Helping organizations activate their data

We build custom-made solutions which can give your company a significant competitive advantage. At Anchormen, we leverage data to help organizations innovate, grow, and become more efficient. Our agile approach ensures that we create use cases which show immediate value to our clients.

We offer several umbrella solutions which include different products/offerings and have distinctive business focus. Please, choose the one that most fits your business so you can learn more about how we can help you activate your data.

Alternatively, you can contact us or come to our office to have a chat over some good coffee.

Innovative solutions

Customer Insights

Utilizing customer data, customer events and user behavior in order to gain a 360° view of your customers, gain insights, and improve sales & marketing efforts.

Smart Industry

Analyzing machine and sensor data allows us to build and deploy solutions that can predict, improve  efficiency, and minimize operational risk and cost.

MRO Optimization

Reducing TCO by automating your spare part identification. Optimize tail-spend, reduce suppliers, and maximize product availability.


Knowledge hub of Anchormen. We offer various traineeship programs as well as select and train talents for our partners.

Enterprise Data Hub

The Anchormen Data Hub accelerates every data project and gives business insight by combining structured and unstructured data, traditional data warehouses, ERP systems, and other sources into one powerful tool.