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We can provide support and maintenance for our solutions. This allows your organization to free up time for your IT team, while ensuring high-quality, specialist support. 

Complex projects sometimes require ongoing developmental work. In other cases, clients simply don’t want to be involved with the technical maintenance of the solution. Leave this to us. At Anchormen, we can provide support for anything that we build.

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Grow Live approach

Grow Live combines years of knowledge and experience with data activation projects into an agile approach that brings value to your business at every stage. The Grow Live approach is based on the principles of business drive, knowledge-sharing, and continuous growth.

Based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA), Anchormen can provide the following support to ensure the availability and continuity of the solution:  

  • 24/7 Application Monitoring 
  • Installation of patches, bug-fixes and updates 
  • Daily Backups 
  • Incident handling 
  • Change requests 
  • Application Development 
  • Functional changes and updates 
  • Advise on improvements 
  • Periodic reviews  

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