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Are you looking for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Big Data experts to strengthen your team? Does your organization need extra resources or expertise?  

The Anchormen engineers, scientists and consultants can work as part of your team – as specialists – and provide their expertise to activate your data. Whether you have a technical data challenge, need a resource for your team or are looking for in-depth knowledge, we source the perfect data expert for your organization, based on your need for short and mid-term projects.  

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Looking for long-term projects instead? We can tackle your more complex data challenges and deliver meaningful results for your organization in every project. We figure out together what your needs are and help you achieve them with our expert knowledge.

Anchormen professionals have various expertise(s) and work in the following areas and technologies: 

  • Data Platform and Architecture – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Linux, NoSQL, Hadoop, Elastic, Kubernetes, Cloudera, MAPR, Docker Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science and Machine Learning – Python, R, Java, Pandas, Scikit-learn,Tensorflow, R-studio, XGBoost, Keras, Prophet
  • Data Engineering – Python, Scala, Spark, Kafka, Elastic, Docker, Cloudera, Hadoop

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