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Powerful data services

Let us help you activate your data

As data activators, we deliver services in the fields of big data, data science, artificial intelligence, data architecture, engineering, training and support. We devise and implement unique data-driven scenarios that enable businesses to perform faster and more effectively. Specifically, we ensure that data is accessible so that it can be combined with other data. We then extract any usable information so that appropriate decisions can be made.

Powerful services

Big Data Services

The speed, variety and volume of data is evergrowing. By integrating and unlocking information and making it accessible in a big data platform we help organizations work more effective.

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Data Platform Services

Unified approach towards data management and integration that can improve scalability and flexibility.

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Data Science & A.I.

Creating valuable new insights starts with the investigation of structured and unstructured data. From here we create models that can recognize and explore underlying patterns leading to razor-sharp efficiency.

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Knowledge hub of Anchormen. We offer various traineeship programs as well as select and train talents for our partners.

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Innovative market solutions

We provide a number of solutions which can give your company a significant competitive advantage. At Anchormen, we leverage data to help organizations innovate, grow, and become more efficient. Our agile approach ensures that we create use cases which show immediate value to our clients.