Systematic Review with Machine Learning

The A.I. Journey podcast: Episode 08

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In this episode of the A.I. Journey, Ron is sitting down with Raoul Grouls, a Senior Data Scientist at Anchormen and Rens van de Schoot, Professor of Statistics at Utrecht University with Small Data Sets, a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences and the creator of ASReview – a revolutionary tool in the academic circles that reviews literature using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Active Learning.

A systematic review is a complex piece of research that aims to identify, select and synthesize all research published on a particular question or topic. It is a tedious task that researchers face frequently but a vital step of the scientific process. A recent example for the need for speed and accuracy is the Covid-19 outbreak. In order to develop a vaccine quickly, scientists needed to first review all available data in the field and pinpoint the relevant and valuable information, which could mean going through thousands of papers on a topic. ASReview started as a pet project to help Rens in his own research and has now grown to be the biggest open source project at his University, being downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and used in almost every scientific field.

Next to that, they also discuss the underlying principle used to develop this tool – Active Learning, as well as the development of Academia and how Machine Learning & A.I. is changing the game.

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