Explainable A.I.

The A.I. Journey podcast: Episode 02

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In the second episode of the A.I. Journey Podcast, Jeroen and Ron sit down with Pim Haselager, Associate Professor at the Donders institute for Brain, Cognition & Behavior, to talk about all the burning questions relating to Explainable A.I.

The podcast starts with a deep dive into the topic of Explainable A.I., why should businesses care about it and how can they profit from understanding the concept.

Next to that, they take a more philosophical approach towards answering the question why we hold technology to a higher standard than humans and will we reach a moment when A.I. will be in a position to explain morality to us.

Finally, the conversation comes back to the more practical and pressing matter of which jobs will become redundant due to the advancements of technology and do we really need to worry about that ever happening.

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