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The A.I. Journey podcast: Episode 06

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Big Data has come a long way from a corporate buzz word to the cultural and technological behemoth of nowadays. Today, most organizations understand that if they manage their data properly, they can apply analytics and machine learning to get valuable insight out of it. But back in 2012, Anchormen was one of the only companies in the Netherlands to develop big data projects at that scale. Since then, a lot has changed and even more can be expected in the near future.

In this episode, Jeroen and Ron have invited Corné Versloot, one of Anchormen’s lead Big Data Architects and Consultants to reminisce of the early baby steps in the industry, as well as talk about the future of platforms such as our Data Hub. During the podcast they also discuss what a typical use case looks like, what is the process, and what it means for a company and its employees.

If you want to learn how we accelerate every data strategy and give business insights and meaningful results in the shortest period of time, then tune in to this episode of the A.I. Journey.

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