From insight to foresight

The A.I. Journey – Data, ML, and A.I. demystified

Tune in to get inspired by the opportunities, impact and capabilities of Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Join us as we meet experts in the field and talk about developments, best practices, and lessons learned.

08. Systematic Review with Machine Learning

How to use Active Learning and Deep Learning to create the biggest open source project for reviewing papers
#ActiveLearning #MachineLearning

07. Data Complexity in Manufacturing

How to reduce complexity and optimize MRO in Procurement and Supply Chain departments with data & A.I.
#MRO #Manufacturing

06. Data Hub Platform

How to accelerate every data strategy and give business insight with the Anchormen Data Hub.
#DataHub #BigData

05. Digital Transformation

The processes, challenges, and critical factors that organizations encounter on their path to Digital Transformation
#DigitalTransformation #Innovation

04. Internet of Things

Everything you need to know about IoT, Industry 4.0, new technology in the field and challenges connected with putting ML into production
#IoT #Industry4.0

03. Data Maturity

What does it mean, when is an organization data mature, what is ML Ops and how is it connected to CI/CD practices?
#DataMaturity #EnterpriseAI

02. Explainable A.I.

Do we know why the A.I. takes the decisions it does and why it’s important? Learn what A.I. explainability means, here.
#ExplainableAI #ArtificialIntelligence

01. Is A.I. better at avoiding bias?

Are people more biased than the algorithms they create? How can we avoid those pitfalls? What are the best practices? 
#Bias #ArtificialIntelligence