MRO Optimization

Identify spare-parts, reduce suppliers, and increase operational efficiency

Companies are challenged with the task to reduce their MRO spend, whilst growing the production and meeting the fast-changing demands of the business and the consumers.

By properly optimizing MRO, the savings can come up to 25%. However, do you know how to minimize maintenance, repair and operating cost while maximizing operational efficiency? 

The Anchormen MRO Optimization solution is based on the activation of data and information from your organization, your legacy systems, and your suppliers. We deliver an advanced intelligence layer in the form of a platform, that makes sense of that data and provides transparency in spare parts, stock levels, and supply chain.

The solution is tailored to the needs of all departments involved with MRO and solves a diversity of business challenges, like reducing tail spend, identifying spare parts and optimizing operational efficiency.

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Start to optimize MRO

Anchormen believes in delivering actual value every step of the way. That’s why we always start to activate a selected data set in order to analyze where the biggest opportunities for optimization and cost-savings are in your specific situation. Coupled with our domain knowledge, industry benchmarks, and data expertise, we provide a savings calculation and recommendations at the very beginning.

We tailor the solution to the business challenges and needs of our customers, and optimize MRO through a unique combination of:

  • Rolling out a specialized Data Hub with automated workflows
  • Delivering business and domain expertise
  • Applying our state-of-the-art knowledge of engineering, data science and A.I.

A taste of success with MAG45

Anchormen built a “Search, Match, and Find” solution for storing the article files of all suppliers of MAG45. This ensures that all of the semi-structured data is properly indexed and can be retrieved in a precise and automated manner. Read more about MAG45 > 

Break the Cycle of Bad Product Data

MRO problems put pressure on the whole company but three departments are affected significantly more – Procurement, Supply Chain, and Operations. As these departments don’t always coordinate or cooperate in the most efficient way, often they aren’t even aware they are experiencing different sides of the same underlying problem. With every department having to meet their individual goals, that intricate relationship and lack of insight are often overlooked.

This is how the cycle of bad product data persists, without taking proper action:

Break the cycle of Bad Product Data with Anchormen.

Our MRO optimization solution gives back control to every department involved with Maintenance Repair and Operations, delivers significant cost savings and optimizes the full cycle. It gives global insight and local autonomy across departments. 

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