Empowering companies to become more data-driven

The volume of available data for analysis is increasing. Our solutions within the Retail industry, utilize A.I. and Machine Learning techniques and models to bring data from various sources and provide insight. Information can be extracted and made available at the right time and in the correct format, using the right channels and serving multiple departments. This enables organizations to predict demand, find new business opportunities, improve their sales & marketing efforts, personalize buying recommendations, increase customer satisfaction, and more. 

Hyper-personalization driving growth within the Retail industry

Retailers and FMCG’s across the world are facing unprecedented challenges with their business models and daily operations. Consumers are driven by desire for personalized products in a world where privacy concerns are vital. As the connection between business and consumer becomes more important, the opportunity to tailor the journey to individual customers can result in greater loyalty and retention. In such a volatile world, only companies that manage to remain relevant to customers, understand their needs, and drive meaningful buying experience will be successful.

Our expertise in the Retail Industry

Demand Forecasting

Using AI and ML models, we help large organizations with complex sales patterns to forecast short-term and long-term sales performance. Through a combination of classical time-series models and new technology (such as neural networks) we can estimate your organization’s future sales performance in a period of up to 6 months. Moreover, we use cross-validation algorithm to select the most accurate forecasting models. Main benefits for organizations:

  • Predict sales performance for each product, segment, market, and region
  • Include scenario planning to counter sudden consumer behavior changes
  • Improve marketing and sales efficiency
  • Reduce costs

Recommendation Engine

This solution allows you to deliver relevant and personalized content to your website visitors. Recommendation Engines (also known as personalisation technology) are essential for companies that strive for one-on-one contact with consumers. A good Recommendation Engine ensures that new visitors to a website or users of a different channel feel at home, linger longer and buy more. Main benefits for the organization:

  • Personalized buying recommendations even for anonymous customers
  • Improved in-store product/service placement
  • Boosts revenue and customer engagement 
  • Improves customer satisfaction

Our success in the Retail Industry

The world is increasingly driven by data. It’s changing the way we work, the way we do business and the way we live. For most organizations it’s impossible to keep up, let alone know what’s going to happen next. This is where Anchormen comes in. Being at the forefront of data technology & A.I. we partner up with clients and help them to activate their data, creating business value along the way. Read how we help organizations activate their data.

  • Dynamic Forecasting & Azure Data Hub for Reckitt

  • Card Ranking Algorithm for Hallmark

  • Advanced Segmentation for Belvilla