Empowering companies in the Manufacturing industry by activating their data

The Manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and A.I. has been instrumental in facilitating this change. Though companies have invested heavily to automate processes, optimize, and remove bottlenecks, adoption is still slow. Staying ahead of the competition relies on the successful integration of A.I. and unlocking the full potential of Industry 4.0.

The benefits of Smart Factories and A.I. could be seen at all the levels of the manufacturing process. Across the product, process, and strategic levels there are gains to be achieved. At the product level, machinery and other assets can be integrated and insight can be gained about operational risk, remaining lifecycle, and anomalies that could lead to unplanned maintenance and outages. Avoiding those risks can reduce your costs and remove the uncertainty of a device or machine breaking down unexpectedly and stopping the whole production line. At the process level, A.I. can be applied to automate and advance capabilities that lead to improving performance, pinpointing and removing bottlenecks, and revising outdated procedures. Bringing this all together to the strategic level allows for more insight and data-driven decisions from management that can bring your organization to the forefront of your industry.

Towards Smart Factory & Industry 4.0

The application of machine learning and A.I. solutions is making manufacturing processes and machines increasingly intelligent and efficient, allowing for Smart Factories to become a reality. This allows companies to predict machine maintenance, improve organizational efficiency, and minimize operational risk and cost. In the end, the goal is to create a digitalized and connected environment where machinery and equipment are able to improve processes, remove bottlenecks, and integrate across the entire manufacturing supply chain. We have several solutions that will help you on your path to creating a Smart Factory.

Our expertise within the Manufacturing Industry

Predictive Maintenance

Quality issues delay processes and cause downtime to initiate repairs. However, structural analysis of machine data can help in predicting when a machine or a system will malfunction. This enables smart maintenance planning which can often be done prior to the device breaking down. Moreover, through the analysis of the data, companies can determine with a certain level of accuracy what is the remaining lifetime value of their machine or sensor components. Main benefits for organizations:

  • Improve machine efficiency
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Reduce waste & product recalls
  • Prevent (un)scheduled maintenance
  • Detect anomalies in systems and machines
  • Early warning system

Optimize spare parts & Reduce Supplier Complexity

Purchasing/Procurement departments must navigate long supply chains with hundreds of suppliers and several points of contact. Reducing unnecessary or accidental orders, optimizing the number of purchases, finding cheaper alternatives to expensive products, and improving efficiency are the main challenges handled daily by this department. These issues are compounded by the fact that data is not always accurate. Our solution can help you solve these issues and bring the following benefits to your organization:

  • 100%  and accurate overview of your spare parts 
  • Eliminate over- and understocking
  • Significantly reduce number of suppliers and supply chain complexity 
  • Optimize master data & align all data formats into one central ‘golden record’

MRO & Smart Supply Chain Optimization

With this solution the aim is to tackle the major maintenance problems that manufacturers face. Reducing unplanned downtime, and having the right spare parts at the right time and the right place is vital for proper operations. With our solution, machinery and other assets can be integrated and insight can be gained about operational risk, remaining lifecycle, and anomalies that could lead to unplanned maintenance and outages. 

  • Solving the spare parts challenge (know the location, exact quantity, and status of all available spare parts within your organization or where to find them)
  • Predictive Maintenance & Machine status (detect anomalies, and reduce unplanned maintenance)
  • Clean Data sets (each spare part has all the necessary records up to date)
  • Find best replacement to missing parts or closest alternatives

Smart Processes

With the use of ERP info, ‘event logs’ and other types of structured and unstructured data, we can identify and improve different organizational and machine processes. It’s particularly interesting for companies that want to identify bottlenecks, revise outdated procedures and improve overall performance. On top of that, through the analysis of this data, different KPI’s can be measured and focused. In manufacturing, it can help reduce lead times and improve factory productivity as well as remove bottlenecks in processes. Main benefits for organizations:

  • Improve performance & bottom line
  • Increase sales
  • Pinpoint & remove bottlenecks
  • Revise outdated procedures

Our success in the Manufacturing Industry

The world is increasingly driven by data. It’s changing the way we work, the way we do business and the way we live. For most organizations it’s impossible to keep up, let alone know what’s going to happen next. This is where Anchormen comes in. Being at the forefront of data technology & A.I. we partner up with clients and help them to activate their data, creating business value along the way. Read how we help organizations activate their data.

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