Towards data-driven healthcare

Redefining the Health industry with data & AI

Healthcare in the Netherlands is of high quality, but affordability and staffing are under pressure. Change is necessary to guarantee high-quality care for the future. We believe that healthcare works better when organizations are supported in making the most out of technological advancements and available data. That’s why we activate data and build innovative solutions for better care, health, affordability, and work pressure.

With the help of Advanced Analytics and AI, companies and hospitals are able to sift through massive amounts of data and gain valuable insight, improve processes, remove bottlenecks, as well as reduce costs and waste. On the patient side, AI has the potential to improve patient diagnoses, offer precision medicine, improve patient data security, clinical decision support, and more.

Our expertise within the Health Industry

Health Innovation with AI

How many initiatives and pilots will be implemented? Most health environments are not yet ready for operationalizing ML and AI models. Most initiatives are at the level of research or development. We help to build and deploy AI solutions so initiatives will grow into proven systems in an operational environment. Responsible and explainable AI will result into sustainable AI models that can be used to support the health professional. Services like AI-driven diagnosis, targeted intervention, and automated triage will have a large impact on health organizations.

Process Optimization

Nowadays, there’s an increased focus on the optimization of operational processes and removing bottlenecks. Health systems can leverage machine learning and predictive models to improve patient flow for different departments throughout the organization as well as improve clinical pathways. Improving hospital patient flow results in reduced patient wait times, reduced staff overtime, improved patient outcomes, and improved patient and clinician satisfaction among other things.

People Analytics

How do you strengthen teams and professionals by using data from within your organization? Healthcare professionals are often the most valuable assets, but they are also scarce. Building data-driven solutions will unburden and empower the people that work in your health organization. Working environments can be supported with the use of the data from healthcare domotica, smart sensors, and holistic tracking. Optimization problems can be radically improved. For example, including personal preferences into working schedules, optimize manpower planning while not over-asking your people and finding knowledge and certification gaps in your workforce. But also building predictive models for knowing the degree of deployment of next-weeks flex pool and predicting the employee outflow in the coming period.

Care & Cure Prediction

One of the key areas within the Health industry where data & AI can bring value is in clinical decision support. Predictive Analytics is allowing clinicians to discover patterns in multiple sources of data that can lead to better decision-making and more accurate and timely patient assistance. 



data cloud platform

Cloud data platform for Healthcare and Life Sciences

A cloud data platform allows you to store, process, analyze, and gain valuable insight from your data directly in a secure cloud environment. Anchormen has extensive experience in implementing and optimizing data platforms in the cloud, helping you lower costs and improve performance.

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