Predictive Maintenance event Chamber of Commerce

November 9, 2017 @ Suiker Unie Vierverlaten (Groningen)

Predictive Maintenance is a promising maintenance strategy for your production resources. Did your maintenance have been corrective or preventive so far? In the future, new techniques allow you to do this based on the actual condition.

Predictive maintenance has many advantages. On the one hand, greater reliability of your production resources due to early monitoring of failures. On the other hand, savings due to less corrective or unnecessary preventive maintenance.

On Thursday November 9, the Chamber of Commerce North organizes an interesting event about Predictive Maintenance. During the event, Anchormen will tell you more about Machine Learning and what are best practices of Predictive Maintenance. The event is hosted by the Suiker Unie, a production company who has been applying Predictive Maintenance for a while.

Please register for this event here, see you in Groningen!