Elastic – deep dive demo session

September 21, 2017 @ Big Data Expo, Utrecht

Are you an IT leader, enterprise architect, software engineer or data analyst… in short, anyone charged with ensuring that Big Data & Data Science is a success in your organization? Then join Anchormen in our energetic deep-dive demo sessions on Thursday afternoon September 21, 2017 during the Big Data Expo.

In one hour, we will give you a quick overview about the Elasticsearch ecosystem, including Kibana and Logstash. Guided by demos and practical examples, you will learn about all the different components in the Elastic ecosystem and we will cover the basics of Elasticsearch cluster setup, visualisation and exploration of data using Kibana. You will leave the room with useful knowledge on how to activate your data.

In order to participate in this demo session, you need to register for a free Elastic Cloud Trial. This trial is only valid for 14 days, so we advice you to set up this trial as late as possible (latest Thursday September 21, 2017). After the demo session, you will be given a dataset and some exercises, so you can play around with Elastic and its components yourself and discover the many possibilities. It would be a pity if your trial has already expired before joining the demo session at the Big Data Expo :-(.

Where and when? Big Data Expo (Jaarbeurs Utrecht). Thursday 21st of September 2017 from 14:15-15:15 and from 15:30-16:30. 

Demo session accompanied by: Corné Versloot (Big Data Consultant @ Anchormen) and Derk Crezee (Senior Data Engineer @ Anchormen).

Step 1: sign up for the Big Data Expo (if you haven’t registered already)

Step 2: sign up for the deep dive demo session with the form below

Step 3: register for a free 14-day Elastic Cloud Trial (this trial is only valid for 14 days, so we suggest you register for this trial in the week of the Big Data Expo).