Data warehousing & BI Summit

March 20th and 21st, Utrecht

DW&BI is an Annual Summit in the area of ​​Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence where international thought leaders share their views on the current situation and on possible future developments in the field.

The conference is important for decision-makers and those who are directly or indirectly involved in the decision-making process of Datawarehousing and BI projects at their organization. If you are looking for insights into the current possibilities of BI and the long-term developments of the field, then this is the place to be. 

Some topics that will be discussed:

  • Data management in a cloud computing environment.
  • What is the influence of regulatory compliance on deep learning?
  • What does A.I. actually offer to BI?
  • In which products from Silicon Valley is it safe to invest?
  • What is the role of dark data and the relationship with data governance and GDPR?
  • Data warehouse systems.
  • What is the influence of new forms of analysis on BI systems?
  • Data governance and compliance in times of self-service analytics.
  • The importance of an information catalog for the management of a data lake.
  • The lessons we have learned in the application of analytics and data science.
  • Where and how can modern big data technologies be incorporated within data warehouse systems?


There is more and more data available and A.I. is getting smarter. But how does it really work under the hood? And why would you use it?

In this practice session, we give a look under the hood of Data Science & A.I. by presenting different use cases, that go beyond standard examples. With the aid of various projects of Anchormen we see what results can be achieved. We also give insight into the road map behind the processing of data, using examples that are using the Dataiku platform.

Where and when?

Anchormen will be present during the event with a booth but also hold a presentation on the 21st of March, at 15:30 – 16:00 in Zaal 1. The event will be taking place at the Van der Valk Hotel in Utrecht (Winthontlaan 4-6, 3526 KV).

Speaker: Paul Verhaar, Data Scientist & Technology Consultant.


You can register for the event here (in Dutch) or here (in English). 

 We are looking forward to seeing you there!