A.I. Masterclass

October 29, online classroom

Many organizations see the potential of A.I., Machine Learning and data to transform their business, but it can be complex to start and/or get value.

This Artificial Intelligence Masterclass on Oct 29th will give you the insights on what AI can mean for your business, how and where to start with your data journey.  

Anchormen experts will inspire you with:

  • Trends and developments in Data, Machine Learning and A.I.
  • Grow, Transform and Innovate: how to get value from Data
  • Data Strategy: organization, technology and process
  • How to achieve success with Data, ML and A.I. projects

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Details of the Artificial Intelligence Masterclass

Date: Thursday, 29th of October

Time: Join online classroom at 9:00 am and round up at 12:00pm.

Location: Anchormen online classroom (Teams invite)

This Masterclass is ideal for managers and directors who are dealing or planning how to get value with Data Science, A.I. and Machine Learning in their organization. You are a great fit with the topics and insights from this Masterclass if you are working as: Sales, Procurement, Marketing, Operations, Service, Transformation, Innovation and IT as a manager or director.

Your reasons for attending

Join this free Masterclass if you would like to learn:

  • What the current state of (Big) Data, Machine Learning and A.I. is
  • The potential to increase your competitive advantage with Data and A.I.
  • How IT together with Business departments can drive innovation
  • From Experts and Peers

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the A.I. Masterclass! Please confirm your attendance by registering for this event. 

In case you have questions, feel free to reach out to Yordan Tachev via info@anchormen.nl.


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