Scala Training

Scala Training

Due to the COVID-19 our training courses will be taught via an online classroom.

Receive in-depth knowledge from industry professionals, test your skills with hands-on assignments & demos, and get access to valuable resources and tools.

This course is a deep dive into the Scala programming language, which is used for high-quality functional programming applications. For example, Apache Spark, which is the most known large-scale data processing application, was built in Scala. The lessons that are presented here focus on general programming paradigms such classes exception handling, design patters, type system and concurrency. After this course, you will be able to design high-quality programs in Scala with confidence. This course is ideal for data engineers/scientists who want to learn more about scalable applications. As requirements, experience with other programming languages such as python or java are required.

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About the training & classes

The Scala training is split in 4 days. Click below to see a detailed description of each class: 

Scala: I
The first lesson covers the Object Oriented Programming basics of Scala. It explores the basic language constructs and dives into classes and traits.
Scala: II
The second lesson dives into functional programming by exploring the Collections API. It also discusses several advanced language constructs.
Scala: III
The third lesson does a tour of common software design patterns and shows how they can be implemented with Scala.
Scala: IV
The last lesson introduces the elaborate type system, including co- and contravariance. It also covers concurrency through the Future API, and the Actor Model using Akka.