R Training

Introduction to R

Due to the COVID-19 our training courses will be taught via an online classroom.

Receive in-depth knowledge from industry professionals, test your skills with hands-on assignments & demos, and get access to valuable resources and tools.

R has grown into a well-developed ecosystem with powerful packages for data analysis, data visualization, in-depth statistics, time series forecasting, and machine learning, to mention a few. This training aims to give a quick-paced introduction of R, its most relevant features, and basic workflow, including understanding how to apply them. No prerequisite skills are needed to follow the course other than general programming knowledge.

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About the training & classes

We start the training with a discussion about the basics of the R Programming language and its RStudio IDE, to understand its logic operations, data structures, workflow, etc. We then dive into a number of powerful packages such as dplyr, ggplot2, readr and other tidyverse packages and show how they are used for data preprocessing, analysis, and visualization.

Finally, we apply these concepts and tools in practice during a hands-on lab session. We implement a complete data analysis workflow in R, from retrieving real-time earthquake data from a webservice to preprocessing, analyzing and eventually visualizing this data on an interactive map. The training includes theory, demos, and hands-on exercises. After this training you will have gained knowledge about:

  • R Programming Basics
  • Packages: dplyr, ggplot2, readr, tidyverse, etc.
  • Working with Rmarkdown notebooks
  • Tips & conventions
  • Lab session to get hands-on experience with a complete data analysis workflow in R