High Potential Program

Ready to kick-start your career?

Are you about to graduate from your study or deliver your PhD? We are looking for recent graduates with a passion for data that want to kick-start their career with one of our paid traineeships. If you enjoy bringing data to life, consider yourself technofile (love using latest hardware and software), and want to solve interesting organizational problems, then test your skills with our challenge. We offer two extensive programs, in the form of a 1-year traineeship - Big Data Engineering and Data Science & A.I.

Our 1-year traineeship will prepare you to face any challenges that come your way by working with real-live data sets in a professional organization. During this year, you will work as a trainee at one of our clients (4 days a week) and at the same time follow various technical trainings (and develop soft-skills) at one of our offices (1 day a week). By the end of the traineeship - in which our experts guide and assess your work - you will be highly skilled and employable by the client.

Do we have your attention? Choose the program you are interested in and fill out the form. If you are selected to proceed, within 2-3 working days someone from our team will contact you for a short conversation. If we think there is a match, we will invite you to our Amsterdam office (together with the other participants) where there will be fun challenges to complete as well as food and drinks for everyone. The challenges will be related to the program you are applying for and the aim is to test your skills and see what is your thought process.

Important dates to remember:

  • the closing date for all applications is 10th of January, Wednesday, at 17:00 PM.
  • the challenge will take place on the 18th of January, Thursday, and you will be expected to be there at 09:00 AM.
  • the program starts on the 1st of March, Thursday.
Big Data Engineering Challenge
Data Science And Ai Challenge

About the program

The High Potential Program teaches you all the relevant theory and cutting-edge techniques that you will need in order to become competitive on the market. Moreover, you will learn what to expect in the workplace and develop connections with professionals in the industry. At the end of the program many of our trainees remain with the client they were working for. Below you can see an overview of the different modules as well as some of the companies where our trainees currently work.

What we offer

So, what's in it for you? Starting our program means that you will receive a nice paycheck every month, a job opening in the program, training and coaching so that you develop in the field, paid travel expenses, as well the possibility of being hired by the client at the end of the traineeship. On top of that, during the Fridays when you come to our offices for the technical training there is food and drinks that you can enjoy together with the other HPP trainees!

Big Data Engineering Modules

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Big Data Skills: Hadoop essentials, data architecture, Spark, Hive, MapR, Kafka, Flink

(No)SQL: ElasticSearch, relational database management systems, ETL, Cassandra, Graph DBs, Hbase, MongoDB

Platforms: Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Linux, Azure Cloud, Docker, Kubernets

Programming Skills: Scala, design patterns, Bash scripting

Advanced Skills: REST API's, data formats, data visualization

Soft Skills: Scrum / Kanban, Business Intelligence, design principles, test-driven deployment

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Data Science & A.I. Modules

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Data Science & A.I. Basics: data gathering, version control, spatial analysis & mapping, process mining, basic math & statistics

Using R: accessing data, using functions and running scripts, reshaping data using tidyr, visualization and exploration, predictive modeling, time series analysis, anomaly detection

Using Python: basics and best practices, using Anaconda to create reproducible environments, using Pandas to wrangle data

Big Data Skills: Spark, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, ElasticSearch, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Soft Skills: team dynamics, time management, Scrum / Kanban

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