working at Anchormen

As one of the leading Dutch companies in Data Consultancy, there are many things to be proud of when working for us. We perform according to our main values:

​​innovation, quality, reliability and fun

Anchormen is a technology-driven, engaging and inspiring employer, who values ​​innovation, quality, reliability and fun. Self-development is highly stimulated so you can realize your full potential. We do not believe in micro-management, but we give our people the freedom to perform optimally.

Innovation is at the heart of the Anchormen mentality. Our people are truly passionate about finding new, creative ways to solve problems. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo, there is always a way. With the right balance of common sense and vision, we develop and execute feasible projects that get you moving 100%. You are eager to deliver state of the art work, together with your colleagues.

At Anchormen, we explore new paths. We offer great opportunities to young talents and take time to inspire curious minds. That is why we’d love to help you develop your career path so that you become even better in your profession. Own initiative in this is important; you are responsible for your success.

We are proud of our open work atmosphere. Everyone is open to initiatives. We encourage an entrepreneurial mindset and the drive to help Anchormen reach its growth ambitions. You spot new business opportunities like no one else and aren’t afraid to discuss this with your colleagues and clients.

Although we have grown quite quickly in recent years, we do not have a cumbersome corporate culture. We always value innovation, quality, reliability and fun, which makes us a group of enthusiastic specialists who would like to share their knowledge with you, especially during our quarterly Innovation Days. And what about our annual company outing, Christmas event, game nights and regular meetups?


Anchormen always takes care of its employees. Working with us means that you can expect a certain level of comfort. We want everyone to come with a smile to work, because of that you can expect that all of your professional needs will be met. Here is what you can look forward to:

  Friendly and cooperative colleagues 
  Progressive and tolerant company culture 
  Open-space working environment 
  Daily office fruit and snacks 
  Friday drinks 
  All the coffee you can consume 
Competitive market salary 
 Travel allowance
 Possibility to attend congresses and events
 Being part of a fast-growing and innovative company 
Training and development possibilities
 Bringing actual value to our clients