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About Anchormen

We believe that data is the most important tool for advancement; not only as a business, but society as a whole. Therefore, we help large organizations with tackling Big Data and Data Science challenges by providing valuable knowledge and scalable solutions. Enabling them to improve the way they work and the way they provide service to their customers.

Anchormen has an ambitious growth plan and is always looking for people that like to challenge the status quo. Are you interested in working at the forefront of business innovation, data science, data architecture or engineering? And do you feel that you’re a perfect fit for one of our job openings? Then, don’t hesitate to contact us.

big data engineering

Big Data Engineering

We build and deliver data-driven solutions for our clients. Join our team and become part of our expert data activation team. Come, and see if there is a job opening for you!

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data science & a.i.i

Data Science & A.I.

Join our team of specialists working on various projects in which we apply predictive analytics, develop innovative products, and unleash the power of Machine Learning algorithms.

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high potential program

High Potential Program

Kick-start your career with our unique 1-year traineeship in Big Data Engineering or Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. Come, and see if there is a job opening for you!

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Staff and Consultants

The backbone of every company is its supporting staff. Whether it is in Finance, IT, Consultancy, Marketing, Human Resources or Recruitment, we need you! Come, and see if there is a job opening for you!

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Working at Anchormen

Why Anchormen?

There are many companies out there. Why choose us? Learn more about our core values and perks that you can expect when working here.

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Recruitment Process

Curious what happens when you send in your CV to Recruitment? We will explain what to expect.

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Meet the Team

Meet the people that work at Anchormen! Every now and then we interview our own colleagues so you can get to know them better.

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