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Recap of Elastic{ON}

Last week, Elastic, the company behind the popular open source projects — Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats and Logstash – organized its yearly conference Elastic{ON} in San Francisco. Anchormen has been a well-established partner of Elastic since many years, so together with colleagues Maarten and Mo, I traveled to the United States to attend the conference and hear about the developments of their products. Some interesting takeaways:

SQL interface for Elasticsearch

During the opening keynote by CTO Shay Banon, Costin Leau, Engineer at Elastic, came on stage and announced that an sql interface is coming to Elasticsearch, a distributed, JSON-based search and analytics engine designed for horizontal scalability, maximum reliability, and easy management. The plugin will implement a jdbc compliant sql interface, and extend it with Elastic specific features! At Anchormen we already have the possibility to run sql against ElasticSearch thanks to the efforts of our own Corné Versloot and his open source SQL4ES project. But adding this as an official plugin is a great move by Elastic!

What’s x-citing in X-pack

X-pack is on the move! X-Pack is a single extension that integrates handy features across the Elastic Stack. It includes security, reporting and monitoring which are going to the next level in the coming versions. Next to that, an amazing graph visualization that can be used for risk assessment was announced at the Elastic{ON}.

Building a near real-time pipeline for all things Blizzard

Blizzard is a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software. They handle serious amounts of data, billions of messages per day pass through their systems. Their learning points from a successful big data journey of a couple of years include: let use cases drive development. At Anchormen, we agree completely! That’s why we employ our GROW Live approach and use our Roadmap to Data Excellence, which are built on the same principle: let use cases drive your innovative big data projects. They made great steps at Blizzard and eventually they will end up with a Lambda architecture, also something we use on a daily basis.

Elastic: also great at planning parties!

After a couple of days of serious business it was time for some less serious business. Elastic is great at a lot of things and planning a party is certainly one of those things! For the occasion they rented out the entire California Academy of Sciences. Food, drinks and a lot of interesting science stuff: dinosaur skeletons, a planetarium, aquarium and an earthquake simulator! I also had the change to share a drink and a conversation with Steven Schuurman, CEO of Elastic and fellow-dutchmen! Great times!

All and all Elastic{on} was a great experience!

 Steven Schuurman (CEO of Elastic) and me at the party at the planetarium
Steven Schuurman (CEO of Elastic) and me at the party at the planetarium

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