mie 2017

Anchormen speaking at MIE 2017 event

On February 1 and 2, the 15th edition of the Marketing & Insights Event (MIE) will take place in Utrecht. MIE is the place where the latest developments in the area of marketing, insights and analytics are presented. Anchormen colleagues Jeffrey van der Eijk, director of the Data Science & A.I. team and Chris Pool, Lead Data Science, will present the A.I. chatbot platform. In this presentation, they will explain the difference between a ‘normal’ chatbot, and a chatbot based on artificial intelligence.

The A.I. chatbot guides customers through the entire customer journey. It can act based on the behavior of a customer on a website or on other known information, such as profile information of sign-in systems. Moreover, it can arouse interest, inform the customer and help them decide between different options of a product or service. When integrated with other data-platforms, it can offer real-time context dependend recommendations or dynamic pricing offers, as well as provide aftersales/support. Finally, it can survey satisfaction levels and (re)connect with the customer to inform them of upcoming offers.

Check out our special website for more information about the A.I. chatbot. More information about the presentation or about MIE can be found at mie.nl.

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