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Anchormen & Quint Partnership

Quint takes a majority stake in Anchormen and places the use of Data & A.I. at the heart of their digital transformation strategy.

Quint and Anchormen join forces to better design, guide, and implement the digitalization of business processes and services using data & A.I. solutions for their clients.

AMSTELVEEN / AMSTERDAM, October 22, 2020 – Quint and Anchormen announce their collaboration. This partnership strengthens the international consultancy, training, and technology company which has a team of more than 350 consultants, by adding software and machine learning engineers, data scientists, and their expertise to the fold.

Digitalization and the use of A.I. are becoming more sought after, cloud is indispensable, and data is now widely seen as a core asset. Numerous platforms and data solutions are entering markets, organizations and business processes. Quint and Anchormen ensure that the application of these technologies actually contribute to innovation, growth, and efficiency improvement.

Data increasingly crucial in digitalization

“Many companies are still dragging their feet when it comes to data management and setting up data lakes and data platforms. Although, ‘out of the box’ solutions can help with reducing maintenance and repair costs or increase customer satisfaction, they still don’t solve that problem” said Maurice Boon, CEO of Quint. “This is exactly what Quint and Anchormen are going to focus on. For us it is primarily about the application of innovative A.I., Machine Learning and IoT technology in a business context, in which business value is leading for us”.

“With Quint, we get exactly the collaboration we were looking for to make a difference with our data activation solutions, and to deliver value to companies that are leaders in their market,” said Martin Schepers, Managing Director and Founder of Anchormen. “Quint sets the pace when it comes to digital transformation, reaching organizations that want to innovate and make a difference with data. Anchormen has the expertise and solutions to fulfill those data-driven ambitions.”

About Quint

Quint is an international consultancy, training and technology company. They support organizations in designing and implementing their digital transformation. Quint accelerates and anchors transformations by connecting people, processes, technology, and leadership. Their main focus is on Digital Strategy, Lean Agile Enterprise, Enterprise DevOps, Enterprise Cloud, Customer Service Management, Sourcing Advisory, and IT Governance.

About Anchormen

Anchormen is a leading player in the application of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. They design and realize (Big) Data and A.I. solutions that provide customers with valuable insights which enable them to innovate, grow, and become more efficient.

The team consists of experienced architects, consultants, data engineers, data scientists, and machine learning experts. Anchormen is distinctive by offering customers a high-quality acceleration in their (primary) processes through ‘customized’ solutions with a business focus on Customer Insights, Smart Industry, and Internet of Things.


For more information, contact:

Jeroen Raijmakers
Marketing Manager
Tel: 020 305 3700
Rutger Wetzels
Commercial Director
Tel: 020 773 1972

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