Blockchain Innovation Conference

Anchormen Present at the Blockchain Innovation Conference

On Thursday June 22, Anchormen’s Artificial Intelligence & Digital Reinvention expert Jeffrey van der Eijk will host a presentation at the Blockchain Innovation Conference about financial stability for household economics. Together with the Municipality of Utrecht, Anchormen is involved in an interesting blockchain project to help financially unstable households to get a grip on their expenses. By using blockchain technology combined with a financial buffer, it is possible to give more structure to a household’s cash flow.

The Blockchain Innovation Conference will take place on June 22 at the KPMG headquarters in Amsterdam from 7.00-18.00. The event will bring together around 50 speakers and 400 national and international pioneers from start-ups, the corporate world and government, to discuss the radical changes Blockchain technology is bringing to all activities that rely on trusted third parties.

Blockchain is a very interesting and promising technology that needs to be taken seriously. Especially in the public sector. It has the potential to minimize bureaucracy and provide better services to citizens, for example when applying for funds or medical equipments like a wheelchair. At another blockchain project, together with the Municipality Stichtse Vecht, Anchormen has developed a blockchain to guide citizens in the process of applying for a wheelchair. A chatbot guides the applicant through the process and the blockchain makes sure the information is brought to the different parties involved. Watch the (Dutch) animation below!

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