anchormen and marklogic

Anchormen and MarkLogic join forces

The largest data science and AI consultancy organisation in the Netherlands adds the best non-relational database to its portfolio

Utrecht, 18 January 2018 – The (big) data consultancy firm in the Netherlands, Anchormen and MarkLogic, the market leader in NoSQL-databases, have entered into a strategic partnership. This collaboration enables Anchormen to expand its existing portfolio of data solutions with a non-relational database platform.

There is a growing demand in organisations to have data solutions that meet the needs of operational and transactional requirements, and that can also help to comply with strict laws and regulations.  More and more businesses are coming to the conclusion that their traditional relational database systems are no longer able to cope with the enormous amount of data and the diverse file formats they deal with. Anchormen’s expertise, in combination with the MarkLogic platform provides the perfect solution for this.


The collaboration between both parties promises to be intensive, says Jeroen Oudenaarden, Anchormen Business Development Manager: “Many suppliers have a different view of partnerships than we do. They hand out a few manuals and subsequently expect you to re-sell their services. In our view, a partnership can only be considered successful when each party strengthens the other in positioning a customer solution where both parties add so much value that one plus one equals three. We will soon put that into practice by making one of the largest insurers in the Netherlands, GDPR-proof. The MarkLogic database platform will enable us to sketch a consistent 360 degree image of all the customer data present within the organisation, and we will take care of the implementation.”

Olivier Rijbroek, MarkLogic Alliances Director Northern Europe, says: “With more than 80 strictly selected data scientists and data engineers, there is no other consultancy organisation in the Netherlands with Anchormen’s expertise level.  But besides that, we welcome their unique and vendor-neutral approach to the market. Challenges are tackled from the business perspective. That is where the most suitable platform is selected and developed, instead of the other way around. The data scientists are then recruited and trained in the customer’s environment using a special expertise program, the so-called High Potential Program. The goal is for that person to eventually work for that specific customer. After a year, the customer has a fully-fledged data platform and an experienced platform expert in service.”

About MarkLogic
MarkLogic has been delivering a powerful, flexible and reliable Enterprise NoSQL database platform that enables companies to convert their data into valuable and useful information for over 10 years. Organisations around the world rely on MarkLogic technology as the engine for their IT solutions. MarkLogic is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices worldwide in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

About Anchormen
Anchormen is a leading player in the field of innovative data solutions in the Netherlands. Since 2000, from its offices in Amsterdam and Groningen, it has served many clients across a diverse spectrum, from international companies in the fields of infrastructure and energy to industrial wholesalers and government institutions. With its diverse team of IT architects, consultants, data engineers and data scientists, it supports large and small organisations in activating their data and executing challenging data projects.

For more information, contact:

Lubbers De Jong MarkLogic Anchormen
Yorick Fliervoet Olivier Rijbroek Jeroen Oudenaarden
+31 20 204 05 26 +31 6 831 78 744 +31 6 812 16 922


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