Meet Anchor(wo)men: Yiota

“I always like to get to know my colleagues better, so every now and then I sit down with one of them and ask some questions. So, let’s meet Yiota!” – Naiyara

Hey everyone! I’m Yiota Kontzopoulou, a Data Engineer at Anchormen.

I’m originally from Greece; I grew up in Athens where I studied Computer Science. I came to the Netherlands 5 years ago to do a Masters at the VU and UVA (joint program). My degree is in High Performance Computing.

After finishing with my studies, I worked for the Netherlands Forensic Institute as a software engineer for couple of years. It was a wonderful experience and I learnt a lot about the field, but at some point, I decided I need a new challenge.

Getting into Anchormen was relatively easy for me. I searched for available vacancies online and saw a Data Engineer job opportunity on LinkedIn which looked very interesting and I applied for it. Afterwards, I had some talks with the people from the team and there was a good fit. I think the entire process took like 1-2 weeks. And I’ve been working for Anchormen for almost two years now.

The transition from software engineer to data engineer wasn’t difficult. The jobs are very similar; at its core it’s still programming. I think the biggest difference is that data engineers also handle the data that goes into the software. They also see the actual results, which is something I thoroughly enjoy. As a software engineer I didn’t see where my efforts were going as much as I am now. I get to work more with the clients and talk about the purpose and value of the data, not only the architecture containing it. I’m currently working on a very fun project with one of our clients, a law firm based in the Netherlands. We are developing a platform that allows them to control and organize a lot of their business processes. I think the last couple of months I’ve been working more from their office than our own.

What got me to choose Anchormen was the environment. People are young (the average age is around 28-30) and the company is very innovative. I love the projects I get to work on because they are so diverse, and I can actually see what I’m creating and what value it brings. I also like the fact that I get to interact with the clients and work at their office sometimes. You get a lot of feedback this way and the work goes smoother.

As for my free time, I’m a big volleyball fan! I play for one of the teams here in Amsterdam and when the weather is nice, there is a good chance that you can find me playing beach volleyball somewhere.

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