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Meet Anchormen: Merijn

“I always like to get to know my colleagues better, so every now and then I sit down with one of them and ask some questions. So, let’s meet Merijn!” – Eva

Hello, my name is Merijn. I just started working at Anchormen in the Groningen office this October. I’ll be taking the role of Business Consultant for the company. My main responsibility is to advise our clients about their Big Data and A.I. needs from a business perspective and make the translation of business needs into actionable Anchormen solutions.

For the last 7 years I’ve been working at Siemens. Transitioning from Technical to Project to Account and finally to Business Development Manager. I was working on predictive maintenance through the use of big data. Before that, I was a consultant in the Aviation industry, where I had the chance to work on some amazing projects.  I guess my understanding of how large multinationals think and approach data projects is what made me such a good fit for Anchormen. What I’ve always excelled at and enjoyed the most was to think what is best for an organization on a strategic and tactical levels and find the right (structured but pragmatic) approach to achieve those goals.

What I like most about Anchormen are the atmosphere and the people. Although this is only my 2nd week being part of the team, I’m really impressed by the knowledge and the potential that everyone within the company is showing. There is a “we will fix it” mentality which you can just feel when approaching any topic. I’m excited to start and I believe that we can achieve some wonderful things here!

In my free time, I enjoy flying. It’s been my hobby since I was 15 and I have a license for single engine piston aircraft. There really is a sense of freedom in the skies which you just can’t experience anywhere else. Hop on an aircraft, fly for a while near the clouds with the beautiful view below, land for a coffee break in Ameland; this is how you experience freedom in my opinion.

My flight over Ameland.

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