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Meet Anchor(wo)men: Mallory

When looking for a new challenge, Mallory Brickerd saw the perfect match in Anchormen. “Anchormen aligned with what I was looking for in an employer: a well-established company with the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional”. In March 2019, she joined the Anchormen team as a data scientist, and has since then developed her skills to become a machine learning engineer.

“I was not sure in what direction I wanted to go professionally. There were various areas within our industry that sparked my interest” Mallory mentioned. She was curious to see what projects would come her way, and has been working on a diverse range of them. “I have worked on projects that were really focused on working with cloud technology, but also on projects where we would develop solutions”. Data scientists and engineers work together on such projects. “It allowed me to have a more engineering-focused experience as well. Moreover, I found it very valuable to work with people who have different skills, as you can learn a lot from them”.

In the past two years, Mallory has gotten three cloud certifications. “I wanted to get more experience working with cloud technology from a data science perspective, while also starting to work more with engineers,” Mallory says. Her last certification was more focused on data engineering, and was the turning point to make the next step from data scientist to machine learning engineer.
“One of my favorite projects has been one in the medical field. I have been involved since the very beginning which I find really nice”. The project revolves around optimizing the prescription model based on data and machine learning. “We had the challenge to advise how to best use their machinery. In this field, it is not possible to make a mistake when it comes to someone’s medicine,” Mallory explains, “We are working on making the current algorithm smarter and smarter”. Besides this project, Mallory has been part of several project teams throughout her time at Anchormen. “Because Anchormen is a consultancy company, we have the luxury of working in all kinds of industries with different clients”.

From the very first moment Mallory had contact with Anchormen, she connected with the company culture. “I had my recruiting process during Christmas time, while I was in the States,” Mallory remembers, “And the one who was doing the interview wore an ugly Christmas sweater for the office party they would have later that day”. It immediately portrayed the Anchormen culture according to Mallory: little hierarchy, all your colleagues are approachable and reachable, and everyone is highly skilled. “I already had these impressions, but the past three years have really confirmed this feeling”.

Mallory first came to the Netherlands from the United States, after her studies. She did her first internship in Amsterdam as part of her Bachelor’s program in applied statistics in computer science. “In order to gain more work experience, I applied for the work abroad program,” Mallory explains, “I did my internship at a start-up which mainly focused on NLP, customer reviews, and sentiment analysis”. It was the first time Mallory had the opportunity to apply her knowledge and skills, and was given the time to deliver a project from start to finish. After finishing her internship and being a freelance data scientist for a little over a year, Mallory started at Anchormen.

During her studies, Mallory played volleyball. “I still play volleyball here in Amsterdam. Sports is the perfect way to make new friends. Other than volleyball, I enjoy cycling.”. During the pandemic, Mallory picked up her cooking skills. “My grandmother is Japanese, she taught me how to make dishes such as dumplings and sushi”.

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