Meet Anchor(wo)men: Halleh

Just a month before the world shut down (if only we knew what was coming), Halleh Khoshnevis was ready for a new challenge. In february 2020, she started her Anchormen adventure as a Machine Learning Engineer. For Halleh, this means a hybrid role where she combines her engineering skills with a specialization in machine learning.

“As soon as I was settled, I got assigned to my first project for a large client where I worked closely with their team.” Halleh remembers. She says it is one of the reasons why she wanted to work at Anchormen: Anchormen offers her the opportunity to bring value to customers by helping them activate their data. “I prefer working for companies that already understand the need to innovate and use their data in a more intelligent way, maybe even have some infrastructure in place”. At these companies, Halleh has the feeling she can really make a change. “Anchormen has those projects”.

Halleh mentions that she is currently working on a project that really excites her. She says it is not just because the project itself is interesting, but also because of the people she gets to work with. “The quality of the people working at Anchormen, their knowledge, and their experience is high. And that is what really makes the difference. Because when you’re working in a team, you get to create something bigger but also grow professionally and learn new things. And that really gives a good feeling. ” At her previous employer, Halleh used to be the senior. She mentioned that, because of this, she tended to feel a bit lonely at work. If she wanted to learn something new, she had to figure it out all by herself. “But at Anchormen, because you are part of a bigger team, you learn from each other, and you see that there is another way of thinking or working!”.

Being a team member who started right at the beginning of a global pandemic, she is working a lot from her home office. “A downside to this is that I still have not met everyone at Anchormen, but the upside is that I can easily take care of my two amazing dogs.”

Halleh is originally from Iran. She moved to the Netherlands in 2010 to do her Masters in Computer Science, with a specialization in machine learning and pattern recognition, at the Technische Universiteit Delft. In her free time, she loves to do all kinds of sports, such as swimming, running, skating, windsurfing, skiing. During weekends, she explores the Netherlands. “I also enjoy spending time with my friends and I travel.” With the world opening up again, Halleh is excited to go and visit other countries. “I have a ski trip planned soon, and will also be visiting the Canary Islands. One of the places I would love to see one day is Madagascar – yes, because of the movies, but also because of its incredible nature. Mexico is also on the list, because of the cuisine!”

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