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Meet Anchor(wo)men: Geoffrey

In October 2017, Geoffrey joined Anchormen as the Operations Manager of the data science team. After only two years, he was appointed “head of” to set up the Project Management Organization. “We noticed that, as we grew bigger as a company, we needed more structure and easy-to-follow processes within every department”. Not only for Anchormen but also to be able to service clients and to add even more value to the projects we deliver.

“After we set that up, I moved back to the operations manager role, responsible for all the professionals within Anchormen, and my focus changed to day to day operations, processes, projects and a more people-management role” Geoffrey says. He makes sure that the engineers, scientists, consultants, and project managers are matched with the right projects based on their ambitions, skills, and preferences. “I make sure that people are part of the projects that they like, and that they can further develop themselves in the direction they desire”. Next to this, Geoffrey plays an important role in shaping Anchormen’s business from the inside-out. New internal projects such as development coaches, closing the gaps between the professionals and the staff, and operational improvements are part of this. “I love the combination of being closely involved with our professionals, while also getting a lot of energy from all the operational tasks and projects that I do”.

Before joining the team, Geoffrey had worked as a project manager at various smaller advertising agencies and creative marketing firms. “That is also what attracted me to Anchormen; being part of a smaller team instead of working within a company which has over a thousand employees” Geoffrey says. He likes the flexibility of a smaller company, and that you sometimes have to do tasks outside of your normal projects, because it just happens. You can really make a difference when you put in the hard work. “Everyone contributes their part, and something more when needed”. Ever since he started at Anchormen, Geoffrey has not gone a day without being happy to go to work. “It is a cliche, but everyone has this ‘Anchormen DNA’,” Geoffrey says. “We all have the same vision on what it’s like to work together and we are in this together”.

When looking at the professionals at Anchormen, Geoffrey notices that new colleagues always feel at home right away. “They let me know that they feel very welcome and that everyone is willing to help you out with whatever is needed”. At Anchormen, there is no such thing as a ‘dumb’ question. We frequently organize Tech talks, Innovation days, meetups at the office, labs, and more, which is typically Anchormen, according to Geoffrey. “It shows that we have people who are extremely knowledgeable, but also willing to share that knowledge and help colleagues become better professionals”.

Geoffrey lives in Hoofddorp with his girlfriend and his two kids. During the pandemic, staying fit was important so he moved the gym to his backyard. “Even now that the gyms are open again, I still enjoy working out in my own backyard with the kettlebells”. He and his family go on a lot of different trips during the weekend, such as the beach or the zoo. “My daughter rides horses and my son plays tennis, so on Saturdays, our day is occupied with their sports”. In his past, Geoffrey travelled to many beautiful holiday and work destinations: Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Caribbean and Europe. “For the last couple of years, we have spent our holidays in the Netherlands (Texel and Friesland). This country has so many nice places. We will spend this upcoming summer in Friesland again”.

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