Inspectorate SZW

Investigating Possibilities at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

To investigate the possibilities big data, data science and artificial intelligence (AI) has in the public sector, the Inspectorate SZW of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment invited Anchormen to participate in several workshops about (chat)bots & apps, AI & data analytics and VR/AR. Anchormen’s Luka Stout – Data Scientist & AI expert – and Jeffrey van der Eijk – Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Digital Reinvention expert – will facilitate these workshops, which will take place on 29 June 2017. The event is hosted by Marloes Pomp from Blockchain Projects Dutch Government on behalf of the Inspectorate SZW.

The Inspectorate SZW works for fair, healthy and safe working conditions and socio-economic security for everyone. Several departments of SZW are already discovering and implementing new digital technologies. For example big data is being used in risk analysis and drones assist during inspections. They intend to explore new innovations to anticipate future technologies for the most relevant government policy.

In the workshops Luka and Jeffrey will focus on data science and the creation of valuable new insight for the Inspectorate SZW. They will collaborate with Tim Nijland of VR Expert to explore and discuss the radical changes technology is bringing to all activities that (can) influence government related public services.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

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