blockchain and chatbots

Are You Prepared for Disruption?

The future of the InsurTech industry is strongly related to gathering important and relevant data. Connected devices – telematics, connected homes, and wearable devices, to name a few – can generate large amounts of data that result in more accurate risk assessment of each individual policyholder. Next to that, blockchain, peer-to-peer networks and chatbots are changing the insurance landscape and make insurers reconsider how they design, package, sell and service their insurance offerings.

How will these “disruptions” influence the insurance industry and how can they be used to the advantage of this industry? Are blockchains or chatbots changing the traditional business models? Together with IBM, TechData and Business Talent Network, Anchormen is organizing an event for the Insurance industry to inspire and educate the attendees about these new technologies and what kind of business benefits can be reached.

On Tuesday afternoon, May 30, you are welcome to join this inspirational session at the IBM office in Amsterdam. We’re starting off with lunch at noon, after which we will share our insights and knowledge about cognitive technology, blockchain, p2p business models and bot technology. A roundtable session will close off the day, in which we will discuss the use cases that the attendees submitted before the event. One use case will be selected to be taken care of in the Big Data Innovation Lab.

Sign up now for the event!

Funny side note: registration for the event takes place through our own chatbot, so you can experience the convenience and possibilities immediately yourself!


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