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Anchormen Participates in Blockchain Hackathon

On 10, 11 and 12 February, Anchormen will participate with 2 teams at the Dutch Blockchain Hackathon 2017, one of Europe’s largest and most challenging hackathons. The teams will work on interesting cases for the Municipality of Utrecht, as part of the track ‘Reinventing Government’.

The first team consists of data engineers and data scientists of Anchormen and will be working on the Temporary Employee use case. The aim is to simplify the process of creating invoices based on the hours the temporary employee has worked by transforming the hiring contracts into smart contracts.

The second team is a combined team with the Municipality of Utrecht, which will work on the Household Expenses use case. This use case aims to help people with financial planning issues. It provides that the fragmented income and allowances will be transparent and that the expenditure (fixed costs like rent, energy, phone and health insurance) are automatically paid. The team is going to investigate if blockchain can help those people who most need it.

Blockchain promises to become the biggest IT-revolution since the internet. Jeroen Vlek, CTO of Anchormen, is very happy Anchormen is participating with 2 teams at the hackathon. “Innovation is part of who we are at Anchormen. Therefore I’m excited to be part of this hackathon where we can showcase our talents by utilizing blockchain technology for creating a transparent government, and having a lot of fun on the way there”, says Jeroen.

During the hackathon dozens of teams launch prototypes for new, ground-breaking blockchain applications that will help to organize our society and economy in a smarter way. An international expert jury will award a total of € 50,000 to the best solutions on the final day.

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