Grow Live

Our approach and philosophy

The Anchormen Grow Live approach ensures that every phase of a project we start, adds value to your organization and delivers a successful solution. Grow Live leverages our combined knowledge and years of experience with data activation projects.

Grow Live is based on three principles:

Business Driven – our solutions are driven by and ultimately serve the purpose of the business goals of our customers. That is why stakeholders are involved from the start and throughout the whole project. At every stage we add value and work together in sprints.

Sharing Knowledge – We strongly believe in sharing knowledge with all shareholders involved. Our solutions are based on innovative, proven, and open-source technologies. And in order to seamlessly embed our solution within your organization we always provide training and coaching as well as support when required.

Continuous Growth – we always start small, working closely with the client. Our agile and lean approach revolves around flexibility and short sprints with extensive client feedback moments. This allows us to test results quickly and improve efficiently. It enables priorities to be continuously adjusted and new insights incorporated. 

Thanks to biweekly delivery and feedback moments, customer stakeholders are always involved in the process and the project can be adjusted at any time if necessary. We work as a team towards the ultimate goal – data activation and delivering of meaningful results. You can see that process in action on the right.

Looking for a partner to activate your data? Profit from our years of experience and let us turn your business challenge into a business advantage. Contact us today! 

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